Does your company have a website?

Perhaps it does, how can we live without it? Today, it is one of the most important way of communication between your company and the clients or future clients. News, information, dates, plans, pictures, videos and many more thing to share with your community.

But there is the question: Is your website good enough?

Think about it and answer:

Easy to keep it up to date? Or you got headache when someone say: let’s put this content on to the site?
Easy to find and read the correct information? Or it takes long minutes to figure out where it is what they need?
Is your website mobile friendly? Why? Because almost 46% of the visitors are now using their smartphones or tablets for browsing the net in Europe.
Are you happy with your website? Do the clients like it too?

If the answers are YES, you don’t need to do anything with your website, sit back and enjoy the success.

Did you have some or all of the answers NO?

It is time for a change then. You wonder if that would be a big change, right? Want to know how much time, energy and money is needed to create a new website?

We can’t say, it is a quick and easy process. Depends on many things, but usually we can set up your new website, migrate and upload the base data from the old one within about two weeks.

If you want to know more about our services and prices, please contact us now.

When do I need to change my website?