London, PUB, Beer and food – a loads of food. It was a nice afternoon we had in The Beehive Pub in North London

Making websites it is not all about sitting front of the monitor, drinking coke (and RedBull of course) and eating chips. Sometimes we need to go out to meet our clients, to take pictures of companies, products, workers and projects. Here is one project which is our favorite, making pictures from food in a traditional London pub.

The Beehive has a new management and new kitchen and they want to show how cool and delicious the pub food could be. Loads of BBQ, smoked, grilled and baked meat and amazing desserts. Just what you need next to the beer after the long day and hard work. And guess what, we could eat all of it after the shoots.

Maybe next time if we are going to take pictures of the new Jaguar XF, I hope we can have the car as well 😉

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The Beehive N17