Is your online presence past it? If your website is not mobile–optimised, update it with a dependable digital marketing partner you can rely on to take you forward

Half of all consumers now access the internet from their mobiles according to Ofcom in 2013. So why do so few businesses have sites that can be easily viewed and navigated on the go?

The problem is their digital presence is stuck in the past.

More than eight in ten small and medium-sized businesses with websites don’t have ones that are optimised for viewing on mobiles, according to Impact Research in 2013 on behalf of hibu. As a result, more forward-thinking companies are winning business from customers who search on smartphones and tablets and then go on to buy online.

Recent research from Google (Source: Our Mobile Planet 2013) found that more than seven in ten smartphone users have researched a product or service on their phone and that nearly four in ten have also made a purchase. Furthermore, nearly nine in ten use their phone to search for information about local businesses and services and this then influences their buying decisions with 25 per cent making a purchase online.

So businesses that are not mobile-optimised are missing out. Mobile marketing is also vital to drive traffic to your site. “Use key mobile directories and make sure you are advertising in the right places where mobile traffic is accumulating,” says Matt Anderson hibu’s Chief Digital Officer. “Also ask customers how they found you. Was it on a mobile site? Did they use a mobile phone? Did they research the product from a mobile before purchasing?”

With hibu as your digital marketing partner, your business website can make the most of the mobile revolution – working for your business across all devices.

hibu can also help customers to find you, whatever they are using tosearch online, and once they visit, hibu will ensure your digital presence is stunning and engaging, whether it’s being viewed on a smartphone, a tablet or a laptop.

Is your website stuck in the past?
Keep your web presence fresh and keep your customers satisfied

  • Was your web presence designed for computer screens, not smartphones?
    Time to get your site mobile-optimised. That means each page looks great whether it is being viewed on a laptop, a TV, a tablet or a mobile. On a smaller screen you need your messages to be clear and easy to read and your site needs to be easy to navigate.
  • Do you even know where your business is coming from?
    Ask customers how they found you – not just the search engine or advertisement that led them to your site, but whether they used a mobile or other device. You can then target your marketing more effectively.
  • Have you got a website, but have never updated it or refreshed how it looks?
    If the information is old, customers may worry that you have gone out of business. If your website is not selling your latest products or services, then it is little more than a holding page. Keep it fresh, and keep your customers interested.

source: Standard Evening

Is your web site out of date?
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