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Always hard. Almost always. For me. I mean the beginning of the blog or something. I tried before and it’s just crazy. You need to write something about yourself (maybe not), and your work – this is necessary because this is a company website. So let’s try it, let’s do it.

You need something, logo, design, idea, picture or video and you have no idea how much does it cost? You know only one thing, you have not enough money to do this. Everyone knows, you just dreaming about your business or just started now and the pocket is empty at the moment.

Don’t worry, we using the most common open source platform to build sites, Joomla, WordPress, Drupal… We are thinking like you, save money and do something cool, fresh and hard core. If you need a website, first we will create a design for you. How simple is this? Let me tell you:

– Hi there, I need a website and a logo. Can you help me?
– Yes, we can. What kind of website do you need? Simple page, portfolio, catalogue or webshop?
– I just started my business, it is a bakery shop in the city center and we want to deliver food for all the offices around us. So we need a webshop I think, but more like a catalogue in the beginning. And a logo, we have some ideas, but we need help to create something. You know, we can bake, but the computers is an other table.
– I see, we can help you, but we need a bit more information at the beginning. Can you send your ideas (just take a picture from your draws and send it by mail), and a couple of web pages what you likes? After all, we will create a sample designs for you and you can choose one, or ask more if you don’t like it.
– Oh, this will be cost a lot for me. Will this?
– No, we can create the first three design for free and we can talk about the price if you like our works.
– Sounds great, I like it. I will send the mail for you, and waiting for the results. How long does it take?
– Just give us 48 hours please and we will send the first one.
– Superb, so see you soon!
– Bye!

As you can see, the first step is free and easy, you can do it!



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