First you need to think what do you want and why.

It isn’t a complete list of course, every site is different and need different things. This list is a kind of guide for you to prepare yourself what to do before the jump. Seriously, it’s always surprise me how much the people don’t know about the online life in these days. I’m not talking about codes or freaky things (hosting, DNS, Caching), only simple things like what the website need and what to do to get good position in the search engines.

So lets see, what are the base things and what do you need to prepare at the beginning.

You should need to know what type of site you want. Always look forward, maybe at the start you need only one language, but what about later? Or you will start with a product catalogue, but one day you want to run your online shop. If you drive your web developer nicely, he can save a loads of money for you later. You don’t need to build a new site, just activate some already build in features, that’s all.

Some sample about the website types

simple info/business card site
news or blog site
online database
combination of those

The average website need

Base things, without those you can’t run a website, not a proper one anyway. If everything in the right place your site will look professional and will run without problem.

domain name –
hosting – store of your website files
design – clear, readable, user and mobile friendly
content – of course
meta tags and worlds – usually your base keywords
email account – like

Do you have the next things?

If you aren’t ready you far away from the end. I must say, almost all the delays on the way coming from missing content. Waiting for pictures, documents, structures and others. Also, this time can make the process more pricey for you.

a clear idea about the structure
text, words and data (content) ready
pictures with usage right
contact details
legal information/Copyright
FAQ questions and answers
budget for advertising

An usual website has

because most of the traffic coming from search engines, the visitors are diverted directly to one of your page, so the welcome page not necessary the landing page now. If you want to keep the visitors on your site, you need to create a great easy to follow structure, which makes easy to read through your site.

Home/Welcome page
Products/Information pages
News/Blog/Forum pages
Our Philosophy/About Us pages
Contact Us page
Copyright/Legal information
FAQ pages
Quick Links – to your site content or linked to your partner sites

Social networking,

because no one will visit your site everyday to check it what’s new, expect you have a news, forum or other special portal, so easy to inform your followers about the new things via the social medias. If you choose more than one, you must need to look carefully to post everywhere and use the same design as possible. Keep your communication clear and simple and try to drive the followers to your site and generate more trafic.

instagram, flickr for pictures
many others
Search Engine Optimization

Keywords and Positioning

If you want to make real goals, you need to find your keywords and build your site around those, otherwise no one will find you in the search list. Think about 8-15 keywords. (Most of the people using complete sentence for searching, not just a word: ‘how can I download music to my iPhone’)
Also, the FAQ section is a good source for keywords, you can create your own sentence to drive through the search engines to your site.

Keep your site up to date

All the search engine are using they own special logarithm, but if your site content changing often, they need to come back more often to check the differences and they create new indexes for you. This is necessary to bring your site to the top ten.

Social accounts and cross links

The best way to build a community and create a free news channel for the website. There is a few solutions for auto post, which means you don’t need to create different posts in every social media site. You create your content on your webpage and it will be auto publish to all your social media.

Ads and promotions

Do I need to say anything? The ads working well centuries ago and even better on the world wide web. Google ads is a good way to start promote your business, easy to manage interface and simple setup process to find your target market. Don’t hesitate, just do it.

Base list for a website, what you need to create your site